The Ancient Barbeque, 223 & 223 A, Good Earth City Center, Sector 50, Gurgaon

Need to Hang out with Friends, Go out on a Family Dinner, Have a date? Unclear about the restaurant but know what you wish for.

Ancient Barbeque covered it all for you.
A fine place for dining restaurant and heaven for the food lovers who love varieties and classy ambience at the same time. Ancient Barbeque heartily believes music and sports are the essential portions when you are in the company of mouth-watering food. Ancient Barbeque has two big screens and also host live music nights for sports and music lovers.  

Ancient Barbeque has a variety of Buffet Spread and also bestow you with ‘Live on Table’ grill.
Ancient Barbeque understands the thirst one can desire to have food under stars and moon with their loved ones for which Ancient Barbeques have an arrangement for outdoor seating also. You can order your choice of food from The Ancient Barbeque By Zomato

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